Know the audience: Mums

Felim McGrath

Around 70% of online mums are digital shoppers, with online dialogue being a large part of their purchase journey; 40% regularly post reviews. They use Pinterest and online communities of mums to research purchases and visit Groupon to get a deal.

Each year, GlobalWebIndex's research programme surveys 200,000 internet users aged 16–64 across 34 markets. Our quarterly study is designed to understand how digital consumers are behaving online across a wide range of devices. In Q2 2015, the survey included 6,320 internet users who were mothers with children aged 16 or under. Here, we present the most important results from this wide-ranging study of mothers.

Half of online mothers are aged 25–34, with a further 30% from the 35–44 age bracket. Some 83% of this group are married, though figures are slightly lower in Europe and North America (where 70% are married). Families tend to be small, with two-thirds of mothers having one child and only 8% having three or more. However, regional differences are at play here. Influenced by demographic trends in China, only 20% of mums in APAC have more than one child, while in North America, one-fifth of mothers say they have three or more children.