Know the audience: Silver Surfers

Felim McGrath

Silver Surfers spend an average of 4.35 hours online per day and two-thirds are worried about their personal data and privacy. Some 94% own a computer, 52% use mobile phones to get online, and 83% have at least one social media account. They are also 20% more likely to research and buy vacations online.

Silver Surfers (internet users aged 52–64) now account for 12% of adult internet users globally. At least a quarter of internet users in places such as the Netherlands, Australia, the US and Sweden fall into this audience but due to typically low internet penetration rates, many fast-growth markets have small populations of Silver Surfers – only 2–3% in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, for example. Overall, Silver Surfers are spending an average of 4.35 hours online per day – considerably below the global average of 6.21 hours.