How to Write an Inspiring Creative Brief

David Barker

This article looks at one aspect of advertising creativity: the brief. Coming from a company with a broad view of creativity, I find that practically all the insights and rules important for briefing creativity in advertising seem valid for any other part of the business process.

My title contains one basic assumption: writing a brief may not be the best way to get what you need. There are, however, two other assumptions, leading to the questions:

  • Do you really need creativity?
  • How does writing a brief help?

Only then can we go on to ask:

  • How can you make sure the brief delivers what you want?

Is creativity important?

Do you really need creativity? The question may appear heresy, especially from a creative, but there is a lot to suggest that you do not. What about using logic, proving clinically that your product is better? How simple that would be. Unfortunately, logic alone is not enough.