Context’s role in advertising engagement

This article introduces a series of articles on context’s role in advertising engagement. Read more.

As we shift from the age of mass marketing, with creative executions having broad appeal designed to be consumed statically in the home in one medium, to an age where advertising is engaged with more personally, on the move on a myriad of media and devices, the context of how, when and where the advertising message is received becomes of paramount importance.

It's not just about ads being inappropriately placed programmatically on jihadist or porn websites, or the retargeting of ads based on historic web searches, it is about matching the timing, the media environment and the mood of the recipient to the message and its objective. You could say… context is the new creativity.

And responsibility for getting it right lies not just with the media planner, art directors and account planners, too, need to build the end game – the context of the received message – in at the start of the creative development. Perhaps the biggest challenge then is in measuring the impact of the ad and the effect of context on that impact and subsequent behaviours.