Audio: Prospering in the ever-present medium

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Need to know

  • Much radio consumption takes place away from the living room, while consumers are engaged in a wide range of tasks
  • While the value of editorial context has been explored in some detail, less attention has been paid to the effect of ‘consumer context’ – namely speaking to people are relevant moments
  • Radiocentre, the UK’s commercial radio body, partnered with research company Neuro-Insight to discover what happens in participants’ minds while engaging in everyday tasks with radio playing in the background
  • They found that consumers’ brains responded in a significantly stronger manner when hearing ads related to the task they were carrying out
  • The positive effect was optimised if the brand played an intrinsic role in the story, or when branding was placed in close proximity to an explicit contextual reference
  • Ads creatively tailored to contextual moments achieved a 70% increase in engagement and 40% increase in memory encoding
  • However, where tasks require a higher cognitive effort, such as working or writing a shopping list, the uplift of engagement and memory encoding was reduced