Despite recent events, Google and Facebook still dominate in terms of global advertising revenues, yet there's growing talk of a rapidly rising challenger to the infamous duopoly. Predicted by J.P.Morgan to increase its ad revenue year-on-year by a hugely impressive 61% from $2.8 billion in 2017 to $4.5 billion in 2018, this rival to the big two is not another search engine or social media channel, it's a retailer – and that retailer is Amazon.

Amazon's ad revenues are growing faster than almost every other major ad publisher, according to eMarketer, which predicted that about a quarter of its US digital ad revenues would come from search placements in 2017. In fact, it's this area of search that throws up another surprising statistic. Last year, 49% of all product searches in the US emanated from Amazon, according to research by Survata. This compares to 36% from all search engines. When asked by Survata why they start their searches on Amazon, US consumers' top four answers were: navigation, product selection, prices, and shipping capabilities.