Smarter video planning

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Human beings are wired for pattern recognition. For creatives, strategists and researchers, seeing deep structural similarities between things is an important skill. But sometimes connections are so deep and patterns so wide that they are hard to spot. We can often see phenomena as distinct and fail to notice what they have in common – until, like a sleuth in a detective drama – a sudden shift in perception lets us see the whole picture, to spot that something far bigger and more serious is afoot.

Let’s look at three such phenomena in marketing. Each, as it happens, is reminiscent of the kind of case a private eye might have to solve. A strange change in behaviour. A disappearance. And finally, a death.

First, the change in behaviour. Marketers are becoming more short-termist in their thinking. The IPA has been tracking this trend. Since 2006 the proportion of campaigns that run for only a few months (sometimes just a single activation) has increased. Short-term work leads to short-lived effects; it does little to create lasting memory structures that prime a future purchase or drive profitability through increased pricing power.