A man becomes the new CEO of an international multimillion-dollar corporation and decides to turn it upside down to change the mobile communications industry. By doing so, he justified the company's right to exist in the future. When John Legere became CEO of T-Mobile, he realised that the mobile communications industry was failing to deliver the very things that people love about mobility; in fact, it was delivering the antithesis: long-term contracts, termination fees and overage charges. In a brave move that would double the number of customers in just four years, he started the Un-carrier movement.

The Un-carrier manifesto reads: "We're in the changing-the-phone-company business. Un-satisfied with the status quo. Un-afraid to innovate." The turnaround led to the elimination of service contracts, unlimited data-free streaming, and simplified business pricing. "It was about finding and solving customer pain points in an attempt to fix a stupid, broken, arrogant industry", Legere said in an interview.