Content marketing: Create content that sells product

Debbie Ellison
Geometry Global

Brands need to understand the role content plays on the purchase journey – whether it supports or shortens the journey – to deliver the most useful communication on appropriate channels, and use social commerce to make content more shoppable.

Content Marketing

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What is content? It's the question that everyone wants to ask (but doesn't for fear of looking stupid). The answer is simple. Content can be anything; in fact, if you look at the dictionary definition, it is equally ambiguous – "the things that are held or included in something". So it could be any message held within a medium: an outdoor ad, a video, an instant message, a thought leadership piece, a magazine article, a forum post, a product review, a Vine, a Snapchat, an image ... you get the idea. But because the definition of content is so loose, it's no great surprise that there's a lot of it around.