Frequency: How much is too much?

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Need to know

  • Many advertisers will use manual frequency caps as a strategy to avoid banner fatigue – because if your audience sees an ad too many times, they’ll tune it out completely
  • While manual frequency capping can help avoid banner fatigue as well as save advertisers’ marketing budget, it can impede on impression conversions
  • Sizmek recommends eliminating manual capping in favor of AI-assisted capping which offers one-to-one targeting, dynamic creative optimization and frequency by user (as opposed to by campaign)
  • A Sizmek study which analyzed 371 campaigns from six different verticals found the best performing (retargeting) campaigns were the ones that had no manual frequency cap but used AI predictive intelligence to assist in the optimal frequency level
  • Not all users (nor all impressions) are equal. An AI-first frequency capping strategy will ‘learn’ how to spend marketing budget efficiently across different kinds of users, in many different contexts, whether it is one high-cost impression on premium inventory, or several low-cost impressions