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Agency: DigitasLBi Chicago


1 in 5 children in the US struggles with access to clean clothes, which in turn affects their school attendance. In 2016, Whirlpool launched the Care Counts™ program, a commitment to helping impacted children by installing laundry equipment in schools within low-income areas.

Care Counts™ proved how a simple act of care like laundry can boost a child's self-esteem and their ability to succeed. Ninety percent of the students who were part of the Care Counts™ program significantly improved their school attendance.

Whirlpool is continuing to support the expansion of the Care Counts™ program across America - more schools, more children, more impact - due to its success and clear demonstration of brand purpose.

This inspiring 'marketing for good' story highlights the contribution of planners at every step in the journey, using a wide range of planning and research skills. It's an example of how data can be used not only to arrive at a great insight, but to power a campaign in execution too.