Campaign details

Brand: Pond's Men
Brand owner: Unilever
Lead agency: Ogilvy Singapore
Contributing agencies: Mindshare Indonesia
Country: Indonesia
Industries: Skin care, sun protection
Media channels: Mobile & apps, Online display, Online video, Social media, Television, Word of mouth, influencers
Budget: 500k - 1 million

Executive summary

Pond's Men, a skincare challenger brand, needed to reverse a sales decline in Indonesia. The brand identified a business opportunity to launch a new variant to fill a gap in its portfolio – but how do you launch a product your audience has so little interest in?

This is the unlikely story of how Pond's Men decided to break category codes and got men to laugh – and care – about their facial wash. Using a bold idea highlighting the social jeopardy of skincare neglect, the brand espoused System 1 thinking (championed by psychologist Daniel Kahneman in Thinking, Fast and Slow) to defy the category's tired Alpha Male formula, and got men doing the unthinkable: engaging in conversations about skincare on social media, which resulted in a 18.8% sales boost.1

Market background and cultural context

Men's facial cleanser, a big dipper