The New Year always sees numerous launches in both ATL and digital, and in a highly competitive category, Sunsilk ensured a way to rise about that anticipated clutter.

Opting to start the year right, apart from trying to steal shares from the leading shampoo brand, the campaign sought to connect with young, fun, and highly social young Filipinas in a highly relevant and never-before done manner, boosting recall and consideration for the brand amidst the competitive noise.


Being in a high-heat category such as hair care, there is a constant need for Sunsilk to steal shares from competition, as well as maintain relevance among its perpetually-evolving target audience of young Filipinas.

New Year is a time not only for celebrations, but also resolutions. With the changing of the year, these girls become highly motivated to change or improve themselves as well. However, this drive for change proves to be short-lived - based on Google search data, their searches about resolutions rapidly drop right after the start of the year.