Truth Initiative: #StopProfiling

Truth Initiative, a nonprofit tobacco control organization, raised awareness of the tobacco industry’s targeting towards young, low-income groups by launching a campaign at the Grammys in the US.

What was the irrefutable consumer insight?

We can enlist non-smokers to our cause by framing Big Tobacco's targeting of vulnerable segments as a social justice issue.

Describe the marketing challenge.

When truth®, a national, mass media, youth-smoking prevention campaign launched in 2000, nearly a quarter (23%) of all U.S. youth smoked cigarettes and smoking continued to be a top public health concern. soon established itself as a highly successful antitobacco campaign by exposing the deceptive practices of the tobacco industry to teens open to smoking and encouraging them to "rebel against the industry" and reject tobacco. A ' Teen' was an edgy thought leader, a dreamer, a rebel, and yet judicious and conscientious enough to make the right health decisions.