Project summary

While viewability has been established as an important validation factor, the industry lacks understanding of how it can be used to measure ad effectiveness. 

Spurred by the move towards establishing viewability as a KPI for online campaigns, we partnered with visual engagement specialist Sticky, research specialist Research Now, and used data from MRC-accredited ad verification company Moat on a proof-of-concept study to highlight (potential) implications of detaching measurement from objectives, and investigate the relationship between viewability, visual engagement and effectiveness.

We gleaned key learnings into to what extent campaign effectiveness can be attributed to visual engagement via viewability and exposure time.


In an industry driven by easy-to-measure, lowest-common-denominator metrics, we are wary of the 'effectiveness fallacy': the common misperception that viewability measurement can be used as an indicator of campaign effectiveness, when in fact it is an indicator of trading efficiency.