The Programmatic Primer: An overview of the online advertising ecosystem

This article is part of The Programmatic Primer, Warc's essential guide for advertisers to the latest online advertising techniques. The report includes detailed advice on how to work with companies in the online advertising ecosystem, plus use cases of programmatic in action. View a PDF version.

Need to know

  • Advertisers who have been smart using programmatic technology have harvested huge returns, but to the outsider the online advertising ecosystem can be confusing.
  • To get online ecosystem buying right, you have to know what you want to learn, how you will learn, and what you will do with that knowledge.
  • You get smarter over time by enabling your learning to transcend campaigns.
  • The best way for advertisers to be sure that all available tools are being used creatively is to understand the processes involved.
  • Programmatic meets media buyers’ need to get the right message to the right person. Data makes matching of need to message possible.