Agency: TBWA\ Group Singapore

Campaign Strategy

Across the market for foundation products, Maybelline was ranked 3rd among mass-consumer brands, after key competitors L'Oreal Paris and Revlon. The brief to promote Maybelline's new Dream Velvet Foundation was a tough one to crack, as it was yet another entrant in an already highly-saturated product category. Our product was a relatively new and innovative form of foundation, being a gel-based product, and came with a soft-matte finish immensely trendy among Maybelline's young target audience. However, it was not quite enough to only talk about product features, as our strongest competitors L'Oreal Paris and Revlon had already launched similar merchandise earlier, set at comparable or even lower price points.

Delving into the world of foundation advertising, regardless of whether they are from luxury, premium or mainstream brands, foundation ads all look the same – usually featuring a professionally photographed, made-up and retouched model posing with the product. Maybelline's global ad for the Dream Velvet Foundation featuring supermodel Jourdan Dunn was no different, hence, we knew running the global ad meant that we risked being buried in the clutter of similar competitor advertising.