The IPA/Gunn Study of 2010/2011 results from merging the IPA effectiveness databank with The Gunn Report creative awards databank. It addresses the question: "Does the creativity needed to win major creative awards improve a brand's chances of business success?" The study was carried out by well-known independent marketing consultant, Peter Field.

Edition 1 of the Gunn/IPA study (May 2010) analysed 213 campaigns over the period 2000-2008. Edition 2 (June 2011) expanded the analysis to examine 435 campaigns over a 15-year period 1996-2010. These 435 cases were broken down into 2 groups: Effectiveness cases which were not creatively awarded at top level as well. Versus: effectiveness cases awarded and also creatively awarded.  This summary version of the report presents a sample of the key findings.

Sample findings

Extra Share of Voice (ESOV) has turned out to be a very important as well as a common factor of the effectiveness cases in the IPA databank. Across the totality of the 435 case studies in our expanded universe it was established that on average 10 points of ESOV results in 1.3% extra points of share growth. (Since value of a typical product category usually 20+ times more than the ad spend on it - very good value for Clients' money.)