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Agency: Anomaly


Founded in 1949, Jolly Rancher is a Hershey heritage brand usually found at the dusty bottom of a candy dish. Surrounded by stray buttons and loose lint. It's often in places you don't want to be, the bank, a doctor's waiting room your teacher's office.

And declining in sales.

If ever a transformational strategy was needed, this was it.

This case is about how a transformational change can happen through the power of Total Strategy. Because in restoring Jolly Rancher to growth for the first time in four years, a team of strategists including Brand Strategy, Comms Strategy, Social Strategy and Content Strategy worked to give Jolly Rancher an entirely new model built for the new era of communications.

A new model that has resulted in transforming every aspect of how Jolly Rancher is marketed to new a generation of consumers - from how and where creative work is cost-effectively produced, down to the client creative approval process itself. This new model - and over 3,500 pieces of content - reignited sales, with double digit growth following four years of stagnation in just 11 months, with sustained success today.

This challenge sucks