Stephane Roger, Global Director of Shopper and Retail

In previous years, we have measured and described the expansion of e-commerce in FMCG. We have seen the share in value of this channel growing to 4.6%. Last year, online experienced a 30% growth in sales, twice that of 2015 growth and much higher than the mere 1.3% increase generated by all FMCG channels in 2017.

Retailers and brands are now convinced that investment in growing their online business is crucial, if not mandatory. The myths surrounding e-commerce only five years ago-a 'small opportunity', 'a poor shopper experience', 'unprofitable'-have all been swiftly discredited.

Now, and more fundamentally, there is the question of whether e-commerce will continue to thrive as a standalone channel or whether, instead, it will serve as a catalyst for greater integration and retail revolution.

E-commerce is still a force set to cannibalise all offline purchases, but online is much less frequently cited as the insurgent, or offline as the place from where e-commerce needs to steal share. Instead, it's about how online and offline together can create both a better customer experience and better efficiency for the entire supply chain.