Campaign details

Brand: Sport England
Advertiser: Sport England
Agency: FCB Inferno



In 2014, 1.79 million fewer women than men were exercising regularly and the gap was growing. Sport England wanted to reduce this gender gap by 'getting more women 14–40 years into sport, and keeping them playing'.


We uncovered the universal barrier holding women back (fear of judgement) and created 'This girl can' celebrating the triumph of attitude over society's judgement.

Key result

Over 2 million women became more active as a direct result of the campaign, with nearly 250,000 becoming regularly active. The gender gap reduced from 1.79m to 1.55m. The economic return is £35 per £1 spent.


This isn't a paper about simply choosing one brand over another. This is about creating mass, sustained behaviour change. Not only has this campaign achieved its goal, it has fundamentally changed the way brands speak to women, and become part of our national consciousness, which will have a vital positive effect on future generations.

The brief