Campaign details

Brand: Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals
Agency: BCW

Situational Analysis

Parents in China have long been faced with the challenge of finding quality, safe, efficacious and affordable medicine for their children. In 2017, a healthcare survey conducted by the People's Daily Online Public Opinion Monitoring Room found that Chinese parents had to wait an average of four hours to receive fever treatment for their children. This was especially prevalent in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai.

MOTRIN® is a leading non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug which contains ibuprofen that is used to relieve pain and fevers which can be easily purchased over the counter in China. While effective as a fever treatment, the brand was struggling with low awareness amongst parents due to China's strict advertising regulations which prohibit the use of any promotional materials related to drugs from featuring the names or images of government departments, medical or pharmaceutical research institutions, academic institutions, as well as testimonials from experts, scholars, physicians and patients.