As the first Disney resort to open in Mainland China, Shanghai Disney Resort (SHDR) faced tremendous pressure to live up to the magical promise of Disney and to deliver that promise to China in an authentic way. Two years after opening, SHDR has done just that. It has:

  • Become one of the most popular domestic tourism destinations in China during key holiday travel periods, on par with the Palace Museum in Beijing, welcoming more than 11 million guests from around China and the world (;, among others);
  • Generated positive operating income in its first full fiscal year of operations- becoming the first Disneyland ever to achieve this feat and surpassing expectations of break even for its first year;
  • Raised the bar for theme parks in Mainland China—having been recognized with the Award for Outstanding Contribution to China's Amusement Industry by the China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, as well as becoming the only theme park in China to be ranked among the top 10 Amusement/Theme Parks Worldwide in a 2017 industry report issued by the Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM. The resort;
  • Setting a new standard for tourism and service in the region by bringing in decades of world-leading insights on customer service and training, ensuring the new resort delivers only first-rate attractions and services, and executing comprehensive training programs to help prepare and train local and international talents for careers in the tourism and service industries that will not only be felt at the resort, but carried over into the broader region as they take those skills with them into the future;
  • Continued to contribute to the local tourism market, generating a "spill over" effect that has significantly impacted the city's tourism industry and positively influenced other related domestic industries, including theme parks, construction, culture, service, etc. The project has provided a tourism development and enhancement model for surrounding areas, including mid-Pudong, Shanghai, Yangtze River Delta (YRD) and broader China; made it easier for Chinese guests to experience a Disney park and resort; and created a new resort and leisure area. The resort also provides a model for YRD's efforts in tourism integration as well as developing a world-class city cluster. It also reflects the country's shift from being "production-focused" to "production and lifestyle-focused" with a developed tourism industry (Evaluation Report of Economic and Social Development Impact of Shanghai Disney Project, 2017);