Campaign details

Brand: Project Literacy
Client: Pearson
Agency: FCB Inferno


At its most basic this paper is about the magical thing you're doing right now... reading, and the thing we hope we've done in a magical enough way to sustain your interest... writing.

But we think there are much bigger things to take out of it than that.

Pearson -the world's leading learning company- had founded and convened Project Literacy, a global movement made up of diverse organisations. Its mission is to make significant and sustainable advances in the fight against illiteracy so that all people have the opportunity to fulfil their potential through the power of words. In March 2015 Pearson tasked us with creating a campaign to drive illiteracy up the global agenda and mobilise people to take action.

How did we do it? Ultimately, by unearthing the duality of illiteracy.

As a hugely overlooked problem, there was a lack of urgency around solving and eradicating illiteracy compared to the rest of the world's biggest issues. But, as we also discovered, illiteracy could give us the opportunity to present a unifying solution to those very same problems... we just had to prove it.