Agency: Proximity London


When it comes to digital content, there are two main problems that agencies and clients face into.

Firstly, the traditional approach of measuring content is fundamentally flawed, with too many individual, platform-centric metrics. This makes understanding the true impact of each piece of content very difficult, often feeling like we are living in a world full of smoke and mirrors.

Secondly, we are often berated for chasing vanity metrics, which makes some feel very smug and popular, only to sneakily slip out of the door when asked the question but what has this actually achieved?

Embarrassed by constantly explaining that there is no silver bullet to measuring and optimising content, we set out to create a unique approach to both for P&G.


Simplicity was the name of the game, so the first thing we did was put all of P&G's content into three buckets:

  1. Catch - content to drive product awareness
  2. Connect - content to drive product interest
  3. Close - content to drive product trial