10 lessons for media planning

Deborah McCrudden
Ipsos MORI

Ultimately, outspending your rivals on various media channels is unlikely to achieve the recall you want for your ad or brand. A more measured approach needs to be taken, says Deborah McCrudden of Ipsos.

Advertising tracking has several forms but the most powerful is continuous weekly tracking. Ipsos ASI's global database tracks 2,500 campaigns, combined with their media schedules. From this data, we get a reference point for results, which is the source for these 10 Media Lessons. These are general observations - any one brand situation may be uniquely different. Also, these are not supposed to be ‘hard rules', but simply to act as guidelines for best practice. There are more media channels today than at any point in history, with more being created every day. With ever-growing pressure on budgets, advertisers need access to as much information as possible so that they can maximise the effectiveness of their campaigns - what, where, when, how and for how long. Creative is king, but you need to understand the whole picture to get the best results.

1. Creative is king