Agency: Cossette


Drive awareness of McDonald's retail locations using out of home billboards (ultimately to both keep brand top of mind and drive retail traffic).


Unlock the hidden potential of the Arches logo to be used as directional signage.

When the Coca-Cola bottle was originally designed in 1915, the brief was to make it recognizable even if it was lying in pieces on the ground. Same goes for McDonald's: like the Coke bottle, the Arches logo is so ubiquitous and so firmly planted in the minds of consumers that even if you cut it up into pieces, people recognize it.

People are often challenged to look at small pieces of famous logos to determine just how little of the logo they need to see in order to recognize it. It's almost become a parlour game. So if they have the ability to recognize your brand by looking at only a fraction of it, why not leverage this power to direct them to the nearest location, while building a little brand equity at the same time.

Creative solution