Agency: Leo Burnett / Arc Worldwide Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

How do you communicate new news of 20% bigger patty to Millenials?

The McChicken, an all-time classic McDonald's Malaysia menu item has stayed true to its product build since the day we open our doors back in 1982. But In Nov 2016, it was due for an upgrade with a 20% bigger patty and 100% chicken breast meat.

We needed to create a campaign to announce this new bigger patty size, and launch the product to a millennial target group.

But how do you communicate a bigger patty size to the biggest group of skeptics in Malaysia?

"Your burgers are getting smaller and smaller"
"What I see is not what I get at your restaurant"

No normal commercial or campaign would be able to convince millennials that the New McChicken is the same good taste but in a bigger size. These are the group of audience who will instantly go "Really meh", "Sure or Not" when they look at our communication.