Campaign details

Brand: LOTTE
Agency: Dentsu Inc


In the Japanese ice cream market, companies compete by creating new flavors, resulting in a never-ending race to develop niche items and sell them at cut-rate prices. To us at Lotte, this seemed to take away from the fun of eating ice cream—and also went against the "stop worrying, be happy" brand value of our SOH ice cream. We wondered if there was a way to shift the focus of ice cream marketing from flavors to experiences.

Creative idea

Based on research indicating that drawing pictures made people happy, we invited the public to "play with their food" by drawing pictures on our SOH ice cream—a campaign that made use of the fact that SOH is packaged as a cube that gives it the look of a canvas-like square, instead of as a cylinder like other ice cream products. We wanted to create an entirely new kind of eating experience—one that combined eating food with making art.