China's young millennials – those under 22 years of age – are one of the most influential consumer groups in the world, and it's time marketers took notice.

That's the view of Jean Lin, global CEO of digital agency Isobar, who revealed the key motivations and consumer characteristics of this lucrative demographic at Advertising Week Asia event in Tokyo recently.

"(Millennials born after 1995) make up 17% of the total of Chinese population, or 225 million people. This is a lot of people and they have money to spend - their average personal disposable spend is growing quite rapidly," Lin said.

"We look at the characteristics of these people. We categorize them as 'love, play, and eat' - those are the three important things for them. Millennials love everything with a purpose, and they love their country. They have strong national pride, because that's the era they were born," she said, noting that despite having a more international outlook than previous generations, millennials remain are very proud of their Chinese identity.