WaterAid: A partnership that has saved five million children’s lives and built a new model for fundraising

WaterAid, a non-governmental organisation, saved five million children’s lives and developed a new model for fundraising over its 16-year campaign in the UK.

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Brand: WaterAid Advertiser: WaterAid Entrant: The Kite Factory Principal authors: Mike Colling, The Kite Factory Contributing authors: Will Richardson, The Kite Factory; Dominic O'Kane, WaterAid

Water is the stuff of life.

Lack of clean water drives children to drink dirty and disease-ridden water and kills more than 500,000 children each year. This is the story of how an enduring partnership with a deep understanding of its audience built a communications strategy that rewrote the rules of charity fundraising advertising. It created continuous net income growth and ultimately, and most importantly, contributed to five million fewer children dying.