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Agency: GTB

Executive Summary

Someday not today. This is a story about turning dreamers into buyers. By using the 'medium as message' and positioning itself as an antidote to regret the Ford Mustang got its audience to self-reflect on their prosaic existence and defy their sensible, responsible, side that says no to a Mustang. The Mustang not only became the largest and fastest growing sports car in the country, its 2017 sales figures exceeded those of a lot more mainstream, accessible brands like the VW Polo and the Honda Jazz. Our campaign helped democratise the 'muscle car'.

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What was the strategic communications challenge?

The Ford Mustang was launched in Australia in late, Dec 2015. Against expectations the Mustang sold an impressive 6208 units in the first year of launch, securing a market share of 34%, making it the largest selling sports car in the country. Improving or even repeating this performance in the second year of launch was not going to be easy. We had slaked the thirst of the die-hard Mustang enthusiasts and the shallow well of sports car buyers was running dry. However, the reality of modern business is that if you are not growing, you are failing. Mustang's surprising success in the first year of launch had buoyed Ford's commercial profits and now there was no looking back. In late 2016 the Ford Motor Company set itself a challenging mission. To make the Mustang 'muscle car' appeal to not just car nuts and boy racers but to a much broader set of potential customers. To break out of the self-defining limitations of the sports car category. To turn the niche sports car segment of the Australian car market into a mainstream choice. In effect democratise the sports car. This was one audacious challenge considering…