Agency: Barefoot Proximity


The goal of the campaign and the Energy Broadcast System was simple: Drive more millennial participation in the race, both as runners and spectators.


In a 3-day workshop client and agency worked together to understand the issues facing running, marathons in general and The Flying Pig specifically. After looking at the data, we realized five key factors.

  1. Marathons had changed very little in the past 20 years.
  2. Millennial participation was declining because of the increasing popularity of fun runs.
  3. Most spectators show up along the route because they know someone; they know their personal story. Could we somehow boost this factor?
  4. To turn this trend around in the coming years, we would need to change the experience, and not just launch a more effective campaign targeting millennials.
  5. And millennials prefer inherently more social experiences. Had we stopped there, it would have led to a conventional strategy of trying to make the event more social. Cue the photo-op green screens and Instagram influencer run-ins. No, we kept digging.