Agency: Alpha 245 Communications Malaysia

Campaign Strategy

F&N Fun Flavours was losing its hold on its main market – the Malay youth, aged 12-20 years old. Despite improving F&N imagery as "fun & enjoyable drink", F&N still lacks engagement with these group of consumers*.

As a 132-year-old brand, F&N is considered old in the market and not as exciting as the other players like Coca Cola, Fanta and Mountain Dew. These players have provided various platforms to engage with the youths. For instance, Coca Cola created the personalised can as a fun way to own the drink; while Mountain Dew came out with creative print ads as a cool way to interact with the brand.

F&N needed to break out from the 'old fun' and create new fun connections to stay relevant and evolve their affinity amongst the Malay youth.

So we decided to take 'fun' to the next level! As a generation who have grown up with technology and the internet, Malaysian youths often seek avenues to creatively express their passion and interest in various ways. They look up to idols/ celebrities as their aspiration and are into music, art, vlogging and creating their own content in the digital space.