Agency: BBDO Malaysia


The brief was deceivingly simple: turn the declining chewing gum category around to save both our brand and the entire category. But we had a big problem.

Remember Sir Alex Ferguson anxiously chewing gum whenever Manchester United played or John Lennon chewing gum throughout the Let It Be music video? That was the past. Chewing gum was becoming more and more irrelevant – especially to millennials in Malaysia. They just weren't reaching for gum like before.

At the same time, Malaysia's economy was dismal. In Q1 2017, our currency recorded the highest exchange rate with the USD, with a rate of RM4.5 for USD$1, compared to RM3.8 for USD$1 in Q1 2016. Wallets were tighter and the divide between the middle-income group and high-income group was bigger than ever.

From a social perspective, this ended up creating a group of youth who are disinterested and low in morale, not seeing the point to try to be better.