Objectives of the study

In our business there is a substantial body of opinion that is dismissive if not scornful about Creative Awards. These industry colleagues - and they exist both at Clients and in Agencies - take the view that Awards (the prizes we give ourselves) are basically a frivolity … and are wholly irrelevant, indeed probably counterproductive, to the main business in hand - the selling of products and services.

They assume and believe and also will broadcast the view that winning awards and selling products are, for the most part, and in some fundamental way, mutually exclusive.

They clearly suspect that the motives that go into an ad that wins awards and an ad that is designed to sell are different.

This makes a mockery of the value creative people place upon awards, which to them represent the highest recognition by their peers.

The disbelief and scepticism exists at three levels, starting with the most extreme:

  1. Award winning commercials do not sell.
  2. Award winning commercials are less likely to sell.
  3. Just because a commercial wins awards, this doesn't make it any more likely to sell.