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Brand: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Advertiser: David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
Agency: whiteGREY


For decades, conservationists have rallied people against poachers in order to save elephants from extinction. The war waged on the ivory trade has been both public and successful. Despite this growing success, elephant populations continue to be decimated. The ugly truth is that the well-publicised decline of the ivory trade has left the public with the impression they do not need to donate to the cause. People believe that the elephant poaching problem was being solved.

To reignite passion for this fading cause, we inspired people to feel for elephants in a completely novel way. We gave every single person the ability to speak elephant.

'Hello in elephant' is a world-first human-elephant translator – part utility, part sharing generator, part donation mechanism. Powered by artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology, it gave people a way to translate text, emoji, and their voice, into the corresponding elephant emotion or expression.