In China, the world's largest consumer market, there's good news for marketers: 87% of connected Chinese adults think advertisers are doing a better job of communicating to them now than in the past, compared to the global standard of 73%.

In a study by Kantar Media CIC - "China – Communication in a Disrupted World”- the research agency sought to investigate consumer's thoughts about increasingly sophisticated methods adopted by brands to reach and influence them.

The study combines the view of 5,213 connected adults (aged 18+) across the UK, US, France, Brazil and China, where 55% live in an urban setting. The consumer sample for China included 1,067 adults. 84% of Chinese respondents had access to three or more connected devices and 20% where 'heavy users' who accessed online media several times a day.

The wide-ranging study revealed key differences between Chinese consumers and their Western counterparts.

While Chinese consumers exhibit similar levels of interest to Western markets when it comes to branded content - 76% of Chinese are interested in brands which target them with relevant content, compared to 78% globally - they are much more interested in personalized advertising at an individual level than other markets. 63% are interested in individually targeted ads, compared to 55% globally.