Agency: TBWA\India


While creating the world's first language, our priorities were ease, effectiveness and affordability. First we created the alphabets of the eye language. Using eight simple eye movements, we built various combinations that were convenient for patients with any kind of paralysis. We interviewed many patients, caregivers and doctors to choose the messages that will be most useful for patients. Many of these patients require their caregivers to assist them in holding the book, so we kept the design easy to understand even from a distance. Asha Ek Hope and NeuroGen distributed over 1000 books to patients and families. A downloadable e-book is also available for free on organisation's website. The book was shared and distributed in other brain & spine hospitals and personal clinics too.


Blink To Speak was developed after months of research with patients, families, nurses and doctors. After creating some basic eye movements, we gave the book to 70 patients and 3 doctors. They came back to us with feedback on missing messages and difficulty in some eye movements. We made sure that the eye language is easy to use and covers all possible needs and desires of a patient.