Campaign details

Brand: Art Institute of Chicago
Advertiser: Art Institute of Chicago
Agency: Art Institute of Chicago; Leo Burnett Chicago


We live in an increasingly divided world.

It's a world of 'culture wars'. A world of 'us' versus 'them'. A world of 'populists' versus 'elites' … and 'high culture' versus 'popular culture'.

And it is this emerging fault line in the Western world that our client, the Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) was determined to bridge.

Founded for the benefit of the people of Chicago it was, and is, one of America's greatest and most-visited art museums, respected and revered by art-lovers the world over. And yet the vast majority of ordinary Chicagoans never visit from one year's end to the next. If they ever did, they were always hugely outnumbered by art enthusiasts from out of town.