Digital strategy in healthcare marketing

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At a glance

As smartphones and other devices become woven into more and more aspects of daily life, consumers are pushing back, and seeking control over the balance of their analog and digital lives. The challenge for brands in the decade ahead will be to deliver blended solutions at human scale.

Why it matters

From Centennials to Boomers, the need to re-evaluate our relationship with our devices is being felt across generations. Consumers pin the “too fast” pace of life on technology, and a majority of Americans say they would like to spend more time offline.


  • Even as two-thirds of people say they couldn’t get by without their smartphone, 40% say we’d be better off if smartphones had never been invented.
  • Most consumers, across age groups and demographics, say they would choose brands that give them new sensations or experiences, so marketers need to consider what the analog value proposition is for their brand.
  • One way brands can help consumers is by thinking of screen time in dietary terms – what is the nutritional value of the digital experience you are offering? And how can you help consumers monitor their intake?
  • Brands should also consider a “pro-social” strategy which focuses on the positives of social media – such as meaningful interconnection – instead of the negatives, like vanity metrics, that focus only on social currency.

Where to start

Rethinking digital delirium