Campaign details

Brand: Marmite
Client: Unilever
Agency: adam&eveDDB London

Executive Summary

Now, we know what you're thinking.

Here we go. Marmite. One of the most long-standing, creatively brilliant campaigns in the history of advertising. The ultimate in strategic armchair rides.

Surely they're just a bunch of goal-hangers, basking in the glory of an amazing strategy that wasn't even conceived in this millennium?

Well, if that is what you're thinking, it's time to think again.

Because there's far more to planning on Marmite than meets the eye, and there's no better illustration of the fact than the story behind The Marmite Gene Project.

It's a story that demonstrates the pivotal role Planning plays in defending, inspiring and shaping brilliantly creative work, that works.

It's a story that shows how it fell to Planning to justify the continued existence and relevance of the 'you either love it or hate it' campaign.