Campaign details

Brand: Optrex
Client: Reckitt Benckiser
Agency: Havas London


If you asked anyone how important their vision is, it's likely they'd say 'very'.

Yet if you asked them what they do for their eye health, it's likely they'd say 'nothing'.

For Optrex, this was a massive problem. As the leading eye health brand, we needed to grow the market, and to grow the market we needed to find a way to make the world truly care for the health of their eyes. Not just say they care, but act.

How do you make people act? You take something that feels alien and irrelevant, the medical condition of 'Dry Eyes', and you reframe it using something not only familiar but inescapable, like screens.

We turned 'Dry Eye' into 'Screen Eyes'

Optrex went from a medical to a lifestyle brand using the stresses of modern life to create a role for eye care in the 21st century.