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Executive Summary

I want to apologize in advance if what you read next darkens your mood, sours your evening, or puts a cloud over your weekend.

Because this isn't a paper about brands, or brilliant advertising.

It's about men killing themselves.

Specifically, it's about the 84 men who, every single week, find themselves in a place so dark that they take their own lives.

That figure makes suicide the single biggest killer of men under 45 in this country.

And yet, until March 2018, it was a figure nobody was prepared to talk about.

What follows is the story of how things have started to change.

Project 84 - a brutal visualization of the 84 men who take their lives every week - made the scale and severity of the UK's male suicide crisis both understandable and unavoidable.

It incited a national conversation, the scale of which was totally without precedent.