Convenience and the future of retail marketing

Jo Bowman

Web-enabled and cash-strapped consumers may be shopping intently for the best deals on the best products now, but in future, convenience and the quality of the shopping experience will overtake price as a priority for consumers, the recent Shopper Insights in Action conference heard.

A convergence of the online and offline buying process will be sought out, as will multi-sensory shopping experiences that entertain, surprise and engage. Demand for more than cheap goods at value-for-money prices will be especially acute as the current Generation Z – sometimes called Generation M, for mobile – reaches adulthood, from about 2020.

Lies Ellison-Davis, Global Director of Shopper Marketing with dairy and baby milk specialist food producer Friesland Campina, explained that Generation Z will be twice the size of the baby-boomer generation and comprise a quarter of the global population. Crucially, they will have grown up in a digital world. "They're going to have more information at their fingertips than any generation before them," she said. "They'll have complete visibility of the marketplace."