The Link Between TV Ad Awareness and Sales.
New Evidence from Sales Response Modelling

Nigel Hollis
Millward Brown International.


Millward Brown has conducted continuous tracking studies in the UK for many years. A key objective of these studies is to provide information to help advertising decision makers understand whether their advertising is working to benefit their brand, or not. As the reader may be aware, each study includes questions designed to monitor brand health, and questions designed to measure the awareness and recall of the advertising itself. There is little doubt that the combination makes a Powerful tool for understanding what is going on in the consumer s mind, but it does not identify the precise impact that the advertising has on sales. In fact there has been considerable discussion as to whether one of these measures, claimed ad awareness, has a relationship with sales effects, and what this relationship might be. In this paper I aim to demonstrate, and explain, the relationship between TV ad awareness and sales effects, but in order to do so we need to understand how those sales effects have been identified.