What inspires the curious generation: An immersive technique that engages and empowers

Shibani Nayak, Sumeli Chatterjee, Rahul Mullick, Sushma Panchawati and Gitanjali Ghate
MTV and The Third Eye


The landscape in India has changed greatly over the last decade or so, and as with the global scenario, the Internet has changed the way people, especially the youth, think and live in India too.

The young Indian is now connected to millions of other young people around the world, making them like-minded, empowered, leveled in their knowledge, and vocal globally. It has also moved them from being more collective and familial to becoming much more individualistic. They seek to express and assert themselves in ways that are creative and original.

They are individualistic, multifaceted, and truly live for experiences. They have expanded their selves to soak into a width of experiences. Therefore, they are constantly on the lookout for the next new and exciting. They move from one interest and passion to the other with accelerated speeds. Given this, connecting & keeping pace with the youth is no easy task.

The context and the challenge