Media Planning Toolkit: Communications planning

Tony Regan
Brand Performance

Collaboration across multiple agency disciplines and between agency and client is crucial in communications planning as it helps planners interrogate client briefs and set goals that have genuine business impact. By Tony Regan, Brand Performance.

Comms planning isn't being talked about much any more. Instead, it's now in the practice, not just the preaching, of agencies across a variety of disciplines.

For clients, it has moved from nice-to-have to must have, 'more necessary than ever before', and is taken more seriously because it helps brands navigate a transformed landscape of technology and media.

With this enhanced status comes an energised enthusiasm – doing comms planning is 'super-interesting', 'glorious', 'exciting' and 'at its best, with some clients, on a good day, it's exactly what I hoped ten years ago it would become'.