The future of mobile advertising

David Hewitt and Zach Paradis

The imbalance between adspend and mobile use is acute, but greater mobile traffic means spend is increasing on social networks and mobile search is being optimised with better results.

Over the past decade, ecommerce has grown up and dotcom numbers for many retailers have blossomed into meaningful sales. As a result, many big brands have optimised their websites for mobile, as well as responsive design initiatives.

However, simply optimising for mobile and web in a channel-based mindset is not enough. The experience must change in a world where ecommerce is capable of deep analytics, but only converts around 3%. Inversely, offline stores still drive the strong majority of revenue, but have generally no idea who is walking through their door until the shopping bag is rung up.

With the massive shift to mobility, retail commerce is hitting a tipping point. Consumer behaviour is continuing to evolve faster than the staid constructs of online shopping. While cloud-based experiences are catching on quick, consumers are still held back by a lack of personalisation; separate carts for every brand retail site; and traditionally bound ways to search, discover, and browse products that rely heavily on categorisation and predetermination.