Mercedes-Benz A Class: Escape the Map

Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO London

Advertiser: Daimler AG
Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Country: United Kingdom


This paper describes how the provision of an interactive experience with a Mercedes-Benz car led to the fastest-ever payback for an automotive campaign, in a major effectiveness awards competition, anywhere in the world.1

This achievement came by tackling a long-running problem. Namely: a public perception that Mercedes-Benz cars are for retirees; the reward at the end of a career rather than the companion during it.

This had been a long-running problem. Back in the 1980s, brand managers and cultural commentators alike had pointed out that Mercedes-Benz seemed a marque for affluent pensioners rather than 'mid-career' buyers in their 30s and 40s.2 And over two decades later, thirty-something research respondents were still saying that they would not consider a Mercedes-Benz because it says: "You've made it but you're putting the brakes on".3 Instead, they looked at competitors such as Audi and BMW as supposedly more dynamic, exciting options – brands that had together doubled their share of the total new car market during the last decade.4